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The ENERGY TRANSITION channel is a new FromTheExperts(FTE)™ connect-and-learn channel supporting expert talks, group discussions, and networking with industry leaders working on energy transition related solutions. We know authentic connection and open interaction between stakeholders and the community is essential to reach a low carbon sustainable energy future together. This channel is designed and dedicated to accelerate positive flow and exploration of new ideas, solutions, and relationships towards this end.

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Pricing model concepts for low carbon hydrogen and and ammonia markets: Path to FID and off take agreements

As market players look to diversify their portfolio towards lower-carbon commodities, risks are going up dealing with less familiar commodities that may be in early stage development. Learning to properly navigate the price discovery process is crucial to the return on your investment. How will pricing be structured for low-carbon ammonia and hydrogen? What process and tools should project developers and investors have in place to better evaluate agreement risks and increase confidence in the marketplace? Santiago Canal Soria, Hydrogen Pricing Analyst, S&P Global Commodity Insights, explores some of these low carbon commodity market making challenges and the pricing model concepts used to frame new investment opportunities in this market.

Santiago Canel Soria
Hydrogen Pricing Analyst - S&P Global

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Nick Welch
ESG Team Leader & Senior Consultant, Endeavor Management Consulting

Energy Transition - It's happening to me

How can leaders navigate competing and potentially irreconcilable expectations around roles and responsibilities for themselves and their teams in this transition?

Dr. Lynn Frostman
VP Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility,Syzygy Plasmonics

Evaluating the Potential of New Deep Decarbonization Technologies

To truly make an impact on carbon emissions with new technology projects, you must understand and communicate the realistic estimates of lifecycle carbon intensity & project economics.

Stephanie Dvorak
Director Sustainability Bristow Group

The Challenges of Collaboration and Partnering to Create Sustainability Targets within your Ecosystem

Setting ambitious corporate sustainability goals and targets within your industry ecosystem is daunting at best. How do you influence the right players in your value stream to “come along with you for the ride” on a sustainability journey when you are heavily reliant on the strategies and timelines that other partners, like manufacturers and other suppliers across the lifecycle of our services, are willing to set?

Steve Sharp
Executive in Residence

Positioning for a World without Gas Stations

Internal combustion engines are on their way out, and with their departure comes threats and opportunities. Are you ready for a world without gas stations? The answer is more than just the product you sell. Automotive industry guest expert Steve Sharp, Executive in Residence - The Endeavor Institute, lays out this paradigm shift exploring how organizations might be be impacted by the disappearance of internal combustion engines. What strategic options are being considered by leaders positioning their business to adapt and thrive.

Rick Beuttel
Vice President of Business Development

Hydrogen - Critical Tool for Decarbonization... Where is the Best Fit?

The Energy Transition Channel opens season 2023 with Hydrogen. It’s widely accepted that clean hydrogen is a requirement for decarbonizing, but what is the fit? Global hydrogen expert Rick Beuttel, Vice President Business Development with Bloomenergy, shares cutting edge insights on hydrogen, clean hydrogen, potential best use cases (and less likely use cases) and differing technologies for hydrogen production. How will these drive down the cost of clean hydrogen in the future and why does this matter to your business today?

Geothermal everywhere – Recent advances bringing geothermal power solutions to the brink of "solving" clean energy

Geothermal energy is clean, stable, and cost effective with a small footprint that can be built anywhere AND its right under your feet everywhere! So what's holding geothermal down? Kevin Mullen, CEO GreenQuest Power, shares how they are removing the remaining barriers and key challenges ahead. What does a technology package that drills deep enough to get to the heat both faster and more cost efficient look like? What technologies could be adapted to help downhole? What Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) models are best suited to navigate "non-standard" financing required for geothermal power projects? Which project finance and technology partners would be most attractive our atypical project and technology? Which regions are more likely to provide a power purchase agreement large enough to support the project?