The FTE Membership

FTE is all about connecting you very quickly to curated industry decision makers, experts, and thought leaders, sharing key insights on pressing challenges that matter to your business, through live interactive discussion groups, in a brief moderated interactive show format and on-demand expert content.  It’s like a TED Talk with interaction!

What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

Connect and learn with leaders and experts across industries
Accelerate network connections and opportunity flow
Explore ideas, test solutions, and share lessons learned
Boost visibility, thought leadership, and community
Expert intelligence and insights live and on-demand

How do I know FTE is right for me?

Building network connections and staying current on market trends is very important to my business
I value connecting and learning with a diverse group of leader's from different backgrounds and industries
My opportunity flow and sense of community thrive with the exchange of new ideas, testing solutions, and sharing lessons learned with others.

Our network at a glance


“Screen-On” during live shows


Companies Represented


FTE Members
(5x projected by end of 2024)


Industries Represented


Social Media Network Reach


Attendees targeted for live engaged show group discussions

Affordable pricing plans

Membership options for all levels

FTE Supporter

Basic access to expert talks & group discussion

Live Show Zoom Access
Recorded Show Video

FTE Member

Focused on networking and fresh market insights

Everything on Free plan
Live Show Q&A Guarantee
Show Attendee List
Expert talk resources

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