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At FTE we connect you to industry thought leaders and experts, sharing key insights on pressing challenges with live interactive discussion groups, designed to accelerate positive flow and exploration of new ideas, solutions, and relationships, helping you reach your opportunity faster!  Learn More || Contact Us.

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AI Governance - Accelerating AI Adoption
Steven Eliuk PhD
Energy Transition in 2024: is the pendulum swinging back?
Juliana Garaizar

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FTE + for Business Channels


HPE Channel - Solving Problems with AI

Dive deep into the current applications of AI and learn more about its potential across several industries and use cases.

Energy Transition Channel

Open interaction between stakeholders and the community is essential to reach a low carbon sustainable energy future together. This channel is designed and dedicated to accelerate positive flow and exploration of new ideas, solutions, and relationships towards this end

FTE provided an invaluable experience during a pivotal moment in my career transition, offering deep insights into the challenges of energy transition and guiding me towards defining my new role direction. The event's stimulating discussions left everyone eager for further exploration, fostering an atmosphere of motivation and encouragement.

Juliana Garaizar, Climate Leader - Venture Capital & Angel Investments

Engaging with FTE was a transformative experience that exceeded my expectations. The platform's emphasis on fostering collaborative conversations was exceptional.  This dynamic environment was instrumental in bringing together diverse ecosystems to tackle real-time business challenges to unlock innovative solutions

Andrea Ruotolo, Fulbright PhD and Rockwell Automation Global Head of Customer Sustainability (ESG)

My FTE experience was an invaluable opportunity to meet leaders with shared interests in technology. I was impressed with the program's focus on practical applications and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to impart and gain insights in a particular technology domain.

Mudasser Zaheer - CIO McKesson The US Oncology Network

“Thank you for providing a platform where strangers from many different industries, organization sizes and positions could talk openly and productively about a challenge and opportunity of our time...  I learned greatly from the audience and the ideas we jointly catalyzed.”

Carin Knoop, Executive Director - Harvard Business School

….From beginning to end the FTE Show process was seamless, professionally facilitated, inspiring and fun. Still buzzing!”


"I really enjoyed sharing my entrepreneurial journey and getting great questions and feedback from the FTE family. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, my business and work together to find the best ways to present entrepreneurship to a great group!"

Ashley Kalinauskas - CEO - Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Love the format and flow!  FTE uniquely focuses on collaborative conversations engaging ecosystems quickly to understand challenges facing business today unlocking solutions for tomorrow.

Sustainability and Energy Transition Leader at Google

Was a pleasure to work with FTE. The process was much more enjoyable and collaborative than preparing for a Tedx talk. The pointed coaching, ear for the audience and guidance helped me craft the message in the way I wanted to share. Thank FTE.

Ed Hidalgo:  "Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer - CVU School District"

"It was truly a delight to be able to participate with the FTE Network to discuss the impact of electric vehicles on our society. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of different industries represented in our audience, and how the show's format generated a well-rounded discussion among the participants.  I hope to be able to do another broadcast in the not-too-distant future."

Steve Sharp - Executive in Residence

"The FTE Show connected me to great minds from around the world and the opportunity opened many additional doors for me."

Chris "Link" Duarte - Founder Linking Dreams

"It was a pleasure working with John and the team at the FTE Show. The format allowed me to share my message impactfully and also engage in meaningful dialogue with the diverse participants. It was a wonderful experience that created opportunities for me to connect with other professionals who I otherwise might not meet."

Liz Sweigart, PhD - "Principal - PwC

The FTE Network gave me a fantastic platform to share some of my newest ideas with a group of extremely smart and engaged listeners. The whole experience from first contact to post show feedback was a delight and the team is extremely thoughtful, professional and structured. They know their audience and their product well, and it was a pleasure to work with them."

Aidan O'Brien - Founder & CEO - Glo

I like the real-time interaction and interplay of the sessions; more a collaborative TED talk than the typical presentation with Q&A after. I recommend the FTE network to anyone who wants to create real connections while solving real problems.

Dovie Crouse - VP Corporate Services - Arion Engineering

"What I liked about FTE is that it didn't take as much preparation of a public talk but it gave a very good access to set of knowledgeable people that could resonate with my story and comment on different challenges"

Barmak Heshmat - CEO - Brelyon

“Thank you for inviting me to share my story. The feedback from the audience provided real business value on the subject matter that I used to make decisions going forward.”

Leif Arild Åsheim - Managing Director - Promineo

"Is very refreshing to network with other innovators, exchange their stories and challenges, and share the entre/intrapreneurial spirits"

Jose Gutierrez - Executive Director Technology - Bentley Nevada

“The FTE experience has been very valuable in opening up my base of experts.  At NASA we have a challenging job that calls for innovative solutions.  Tying into FTE has allowed me to discover new expertise which is invaluable

John Lewis - Chief Engineer - NASA

FromTheExperts has broadened my exposure, knowledge and network all in a neatly packaged and refreshing format. The broad business landscape and people that I am meeting is what keeps me engaged and learning. Thank you for providing this experience.”

Scott Dozier - VP Sales & Marketing - Alliance Benefit

FTE provided a fantastic opportunity to share my story and test my current challenges.  The networking and open feedback from the group helped me refine my thesis and gave me a vector to pursue.

Dr. Diana Grauer - Director Research & Development - NOV

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FromTheExperts (FTE)™

Why attend?

Staying connected and informed and has never been more important for your business!

Who attends?

Experienced leaders and business owners from all industries, markets, geographies and technologies who diligently search for hidden value opportunities from “the other person’s toolbox” and give back when they can.

What's in it for you?

Each FTE gives you a 45-minute dose of real-time, hard-to-get business intelligence AND connects you to new professionals across different industries, expanding your networks. Each participant receives a copy of the meeting contact list for networking follow-up. If all goes well… new ideas and curiosity are sparked and you may have helped the other person solve a problem or reach an opportunity faster!