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Are you interested in showcasing and testing your current idea, problem or challenge in an interactive discussion format with a curated focus group of cross industry leaders interested in sharing their insights and lessons learned?

The FTE Show is like a "TED Talk" with interaction quickly connecting you with a curated cross industry focus group giving you direct feedback, and new connections, ideas, and opportunity flow. This is a 45min high ROI virtual speaking engagement

Format: 10-15min Expert talk + 30min Group discussion
Your Talk: What challenge(s) are you facing that you would benefit from getting direct cross industry feedback on?
Process: Our 3 touch preparation process ensures a great experience that takes little of your time.  See what other experts say about us:

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What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

Direct feedback and lessons learned from experienced leaders
Professional talk and target audience development and coaching
Hundreds of new network connections, business leads, and opportunity flow
Focus group data and contact information
Boost to visibility & thought leadership with reusable content on social media, video, and podcast
New high potential contacts and opportunity flow

The FTE Show experience!


With your contact info we will set up a 15 minute conversation going over the opportunity and format answering any questions you may have and schedule a date for your talk.

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