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FTE Call For Experts

Are you or someone you know interested in showcasing your current idea or challenge into an industry focus group giving you feedback, new connections?

The FTE Show is like a TED Talk with group interaction that showcases your current idea or challenge into an industry focus group giving you feedback, new connections, ideas and opportunity flow.  Our 3 touch expert preparation process ensures a great experience that takes little of your time.

What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

Accelerated authentic connections into diverse new networks
Boost your visibility and thought leadership brand, center stage on the FTE global expert network
Test drive your big idea, challenge or solution with a live cross industry focus group
Real feedback, new ideas, and lessons learned from other leaders
New business leads and opportunity flow

How do I know being an SME is right for me?

Grow your network and business in target markets across industries
FTE expert coaching"TED Talk w/ interaction" step by step model (no guesswork)
Staying “tuned-in" to people and leading edge trends is critical to your business and personal brand

Our network at a glance


“Screen-On” during live shows


Companies Represented


FTE Members
(5x projected by end of 2023)


Industries Represented


Social Media Network Reach


Attendees targeted for live engaged show group discussions

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Recap of the FTE 2022 Energy Transition Channel

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