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Aspiring to help organizations explore how to unlock the value of their data to solve some of the biggest issues facing society. Dive deep into the current applications of AI and learn more about its potential across several industries and use cases.

The FTE Show is like a “TED Talk” with group interaction that showcases big ideas or challenges in an industry focus group giving you immediate feedback, new connections, and new ideas. Join these 45min interactive discussions lead by an expert and other leaders focused on solving business problems with AI.

Upcoming Shows!

HPE’s AI Vision (include AI for dummies and 4 reasons why AI projects fail) – HPE’s Dale Brown and Bianca DePriest
AI on premise, in the cloud, or both (include GreenLake) and Production Cloud - Bill Mannel and Edmondo Orlotti
Starting your AI journey – Jordan Nanos and Joey Zwicker
The NVIDIA vertical AI stack - NVIDIA: Srikanth Vijayaraghavan or Bob Crovella - HPE: Kate Stevens
The Future of HPC - Grace Hopper PM from NVIDIA / Bill Mannel (Exascale to Apollo)

AI Pain Points that will be addressed

Clarity and understanding of what value AI brings to the business.
87% of data science projects never make it into production.
70% of companies report minimal or no impact from AI.

Upcoming and Past Shows

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Adapting AI resources for continuously changing business requirements requires scalability, meterability, manageability, on-demandability... lots of flexibility. When faced with a decision to develop AI resources in the Cloud or on Premises, business owners struggle making a choice. On-premises compute gives you more control and is often the cheapest solution, but the Cloud gives you fast access and flexibility.

Bill Mannel
Chief Technologist, Americas HPC & AI Solution Sales
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Past Show Library

Register below or catch up on past shows from the HPE Channel - "Solving Problems with AI"

AI and groundbreaking techniques like ChatGPT are not only revolutionary but controversial. Most agree we now live in the AI era where companies must adopt AI (and quickly) to survive... yet many AI projects fail to get off the ground. Dale Brown, AI Software Global Head of Sales with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explores the key elements for successful AI projects and shares real customer examples.

Dale Brown
Global Head of Sales AI/ML, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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