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Kevin Mullen

Chief Executive Officer -
GreenQuest Power Inc.

Geothermal everywhere – Recent advances bringing geothermal power solutions to the brink of "solving" clean energy

Geothermal energy is clean, stable, and cost effective with a small footprint that can be built anywhere AND its right under your feet everywhere! So what's holding geothermal down? Kevin Mullen, CEO GreenQuest Power, shares how they are removing the remaining barriers and key challenges ahead. What does a technology package that drills deep enough to get to the heat both faster and more cost efficient look like? What technologies could be adapted to help downhole? What Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) models are best suited to navigate "non-standard" financing required for geothermal power projects? Which project finance and technology partners would be most attractive our atypical project and technology? Which regions are more likely to provide a power purchase agreement large enough to support the project?

FTE Live Show March 7th @ 12pm CST

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